Paquiro´s bullfighting museum

from 01 Jannuary 2017 to 31 December 2017

In Chiclana you can find substantial areas of great cultural value. Among them is the" Museo Taurino Paquiro Francisco Montes "located in the city center.It is dedicated to the figure of the famous bullfighter Francisco de Paula Montes y Reina " Paquiro ", born in Chiclana on 13 January 1805. It is considered the most important bullfighter of the nineteenth century, not only for its magnificent conditions in this art but also for his great contribution to the world of bullfighting contained in his treatise of the art of bullfighting on foot or on horse as Paquiro written by himself and published in first edition in 1836. it legislates Paquiro orders and the foundations of modern bullfighting , therefore we can say that the world of bulls is divided into before and after Paquiro.In this bullfighting museum we can approach the world of bullfighting through art, because it has a magnificent collection with pieces of great historical and artistic value. It houses the most important collection of Spain bullfighting " Sagnier Collection ", acquired by the City of Chiclana de la Frontera to improve and put itself in the head in terms of historical and artistic quality to the municipal bullfighting museum.It also has a garden dedicated to relax the visitor and event. In addition to souvenir shop where you can find specialized books, wine, postcards, reminders and sheets.