Visit to Santa Catalina Castle

from 30 Juni 2018 to 10 September 2018

Enjoy the Castle of Santa Catalina in a special way, on July 21 and 22, August 18 and 19 and September 10 at 11 in the morning, the castle comes alive and teaches us all its wonderful spaces, through visits dramatized of 1 hour and a half of duration you will be able to enjoy this spectacular monument of the city of Cádiz.


from 18 March 2018 to 28 October 2018

As every year, the prestigious Domecq cattle ranch offers us the show 'A Campo Abierto', where it shows us what life is like for its animals. A beautiful and unique experience about the world of the bull and the horse in the Cadiz countryside. A 90-minute show that offers a masterful exhibition of cowboy and classical dressage that recreates the life of the brave bull and the horse in the Andalusian pasture. Learn and enjoy nature and the beach in one trip. Leisure and relaxation of first level.

Visitas al Castillo de Guzmán el Bueno

from 01 Jannuary 2018 to 31 December 2018

Situado en la ciudad que da acceso al Estrecho de Gibraltar, Tarifa, se encuentra el Castillo de Guzmán el Bueno. En un enclave estratégico, como es el paso del Estrecho, sirvio como una firma defensa contra los musulmanes, la piratería berberisca y franceses a lo largo de los siglos. Fue en 1989 cuando pasó a manos civiles y desde cuando hemos podido descubrir las todas los secretos que esconde. A día de hoy aún se sigue investigando y restaurando el enclave, con lo que en un fururo podremos conocer más fielmente toda la historia que esconde ese fenomenal castillo.

Teléfono: Oficina: 607 984 871 - Taquilla: 687 788 466
Solicitudes de visitas a través del correo electrónico
Visita guiada todos los días a las 12:00h de la mañana, gratuita con la entrada de 4 € adultos.

Conjunto Arqueológico Baelo Claudia

from 01 Jannuary 2018 to 31 December 2018

La antigua ciudad romana de Baelo Claudia está situada en la ensenada de Bolonia, en la población de Bolonia, a unos 22 km al noroeste de la ciudad de Tarifa. Dentro del parque Natural del Estrecho. El estudio de sus restos arquitectónicos muestra su origen romano a finales del siglo II a. C., observándose ya desde esa época una gran riqueza que la convierte en un centro económico importante dentro del área del Mediterráneo. La ciudad nació a finales del siglo II a.C. y en el yacimiento aún se conservan los elementos más representactivos que constituían la esencia de una ciudad romana.

Enjoy Golf at Sancti Petri Hills Golf

from 16 Juli 2018 to 31 August 2018

- 2 Green-Fee (Trolley inc.) For € 93.80. COD.$002/X01023
- 2 Green-Fee + Buggy for € 121.30. COD.$001/X001
- 4 Green-Fee (Trolley inc.) For € 165.40. COD.$003/X01024
- 4 Green-Fee + 2 Buggy for € 220.50. COD.$004/X01022
- Reservations 2 days in advance.
Telf.:+34 856 924 668, (2 or 4 Green-Fee are 2 or 4 players in the same game)

Museum of Honey and Bees

Válid Until 31 December 2018

Enjoy nature and a profession as old as the family Beekeeping. You can visit The Museum of Honey, make guided tours with a suit of Professional Apiculturist, something that children will surely love. With specialized guides and content in different languages, you will taste the honey directly from the honeycomb, make a candle with the wax of the bees and many other things.
More information on its website:
How to get there: To get to the "Museum of Honey and Bees" you must leave Jerez in the direction of Barca de la Florida until you reach Cuartillos, km 11. Turn right. in the direction of San Isidro and El Torno and about 2 Kms. is Rancho Cortesano.

Puppet Museum

Válid Until 31 December 2018

In the Puppet Museum you can see how the activity of puppeteers from Spain and the rest of the world has changed and evolved. With a lot of documentation about the companies, artisans and creators who dedicate themselves and have dedicated their lives to this job, with the idea of preserving their history.
All this in a space adapted very efficiently to collect this type of exhibitions and to achieve that the visitor has a truly rewarding and welcoming stay. The collection contains more than 500 pieces of which there are some 350 international puppets.

The contact to arrange guided tours is visits: and telephone 956 276 846.

Botanical Zoological Park of Jerez de la Frontera

Válid Until 31 December 2018

Without any doubt the alternative that never fails, your children will enjoy a spectacular diversity of animals, the largest in Andalusia, more than a thousand animals from five continents just a few minutes away. If you want to take a break from our wonderful beach and enjoy the kids, do not hesitate and come to the zoo, you will also enjoy the visit.

ERA Culture

Válid Until 31 December 2018

Open all year, it is never a bad time for your children to live the experiences of the past. In full contact with nature, they will hold workshops where they will make and use tools from the past, stone, clay, natural pigments ... back to prehistory.
Your children will enjoy a unique summer in their camp, full of activities and in the company of other children of his age.

Timetable from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. More information on his website:, to the e-mail: era @ eracultura. com or on Phones: 956 477 035, 610 791 080.

Pirates on board! A fun party at the sea.

Válid Until 31 December 2018

Have your children ever enjoyed a pirate party on board a ship? in Albarco they can do it, in addition to many other activities not only for the kids, you can enjoy many activities at the sea. Visits to the Castle of Sancti Petri, walks along the coast of Cadiz and many other things, cheer up and have a good time for your children and why not, you too.

More information at: www.albarco. com, to the telephones 856 910 015 - 617 378 894 or to the mail:

Donkey ride through Vejer de la Frontera

Válid Until 31 December 2018

Enjoy Vejer in a different way, where your children will benefit most. Visit the beautiful landscapes of the Natural Park of the Quebradas riding an animal as endearing as the donkey. Accompanied by professional guides who will surely entertain you with their stories and anecdotes in a journey of about 45 minutes. The donkeys of Juanino are a sure bet for the enjoyment of your kids.

Dolphin and whale watching (Tarifa)

Válid Until 31 December 2018

Have you ever seen a dolphin, a whale? You can escape one day and visit Tárifa, where you can admire the African continent, dolphins, whales, killer whales and other marine species that constantly pass through the Gibrartar Strait. Do not hesitate, and enjoy this wonderful boat ride.
You can ask for more information on the following websites: - -

Visit the wineries "Wines of chiclana "

Válid Until 31 December 2018

Chiclana is a land of vineyards and wine, the region has an important wine culture. Five centuries old in the cultivation of the vine go far, the wines of Chiclana have been achieved with time, patience and good work, a very high reputation. Very important is the production that is marketed under the distinctive “Wines of Chiclana”. In his excellent fine wineries, muscat, amontillado, oloroso and creams are produced and whose characteristics are close to those of the Jerez wines of the same name. In a city where fine and muscatel like wildly, its inhabitants are good examples of this in the bodeguitas, revealing this good habit to the countless tourists who flock to the town. Currently, there are six wineries in Chiclana with offer guided tours, retail, tavern which made wine tasting and some of them hall where proposed actions.

Get started to Surf in Las Dunas!

from 01 Juni 2018 to 30 September 2018

This summer we offer you the opportunity to introduce you to surf in "Las Dunas". In collaboration with the "Surf School Chiclana" we offer the first-class learning for free . During the months of July and August, we organize this event once a week with the intention that all customers have the opportunity to enjoy this attractive activity. Being a sport that is done with the power of nature, it is very valuable to release stress. In addition to relax, surfing combines aerobic work with toning, they burn calories while muscles of the arms and back working. On the other hand, it strengthens our legs, buttocks and our core or middle of our body, while giving away waves on the sea. It requires a major effort that allows us to gain strength, and at the same time, improves coordination and balance. Ideal to enjoy in summer. Although it may be somewhat risky, with practice you can enjoy a pleasant time on the table and experience a great feeling that everyone wants.

Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park

Válid Until 31 December 2018

The Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park has great ecological value, is a protected natural area that stretches over more than ten thousand hectares in Andalusia. It spans the municipalities of Cadiz, San Fernando, Puerto Real, Chiclana de la Frontera and El Puerto de Santa María. It includes salt marshes, beaches, pine forests, beaches and natural areas adjacent to Caño Sancti-Petri. Being located in a passageway for birds between Doñana and the Strait of Gibraltar, provides habitat for certain species of rare birds. It also has mollusk species: sea snails, brandanis, clams, shrimp and crabs, also in the salt are the "marsh fish" sole, sea bass, bream, mullet, etc. In addition to salt extraction. This area, has opted for nature tourism installing picnic areas, rest areas and outdoor sports, complemented with nature trails. In the park you can rent bikes, canoes and a train for visits.

Guided visits to the island and Castle of Sancti Petri

from 01 Juni 2018 to 30 September 2018

Mythical origin of the civilization of the Bay of Cadiz, known as Temple of Hercules, this island was the place chosen by the first settlers of Chiclana to settle. Having gone through this scenario many cultures, today, though rebuilt, vestiges of all the history that hosts this magical place.

Air excursions

Válid Until 30 September 2018

For all those seeking different and daring activities in our area they have the opportunity to make air tours. It is done in a two-seater motor glider accompanied by an expert pilot, flying over the coastal area of Chiclana. You can enjoy incredible views of bird, the Castle and Islote de Sancti Petri, the town, the spectacular beach of La Barrosa, Torre del Puerco and pine forests. The experience of feeling like a planning bird from a height that allows you to view the entire coastline, is unique. For the last years,they have more acceptance increasingly, necessarily is confirmed that the company is registered in the Andalusian, and guarantees a professional service and safety and that meets all the requirements of the law of Active Tourism, as well as insurance and pilot training. From receipt of Aparthotel Las Dunas, we can report and manage everything related about the procedure to follow to participate in this exciting activity.

Riding enthusiasts

from 01 Juni 2018 to 30 September 2018

The wonderful area where Aparthotel Las Dunas is located, offers plenty of leisure and sports. Particularly for riding enthusiasts who will find in addition to classes, walks and several horse riding along the beach and pine forest. An experience that allows to enjoy the nature and beauty that characterizes these noble animals. It is also an excellent way to learn about another nuance of Chiclana, a city full of contrasts characterized by its vast pine forests and beautiful beaches.

Routes in Kayak

from 01 Juli 2018 to 30 September 2018

In the high summer season, every day excursions can be realized in kayak. The starting point is at the Sancti Petri's sports port in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz), in that area there are several places where you can find this service.It has a long history in the world of water sports, under a global framework of professionality and security. Before the start, always gives a brief introduction on handling and safety. There are different routes through the marshes and Sancti Petri, through the mythical newly renovated castle situated on the island of the same name. Spend a day of laughter and fun with your friends or family.